Why watches?

At Chronos Growth Partners our passion for watches extends beyond design, artistry, and engineering – we firmly believe in their intrinsic value as assets.

The luxury watch market stands as a formidable industry, with an estimated value of $42 billion(1), and a rich history spanning over 200 years of craftsmanship and tradition. 

Despite the rise of smartwatches, hand-made, mechanical movements have stood the test of time remaining the top choice for collectors and the industry is projected to grow to $62 billion by 2030(2).

Whilst demand is significantly increasing year-on-year, supply and production levels remain tightly controlled and limited by leading brands. Whats more, this scarcity is compounded further by a shortage of master watchmakers.

As a result, waiting lists for highly sought-after pieces are commonplace, and they frequently fetch prices on the secondary market that far exceed their retail value. Take for example the now legendary Patek Philippe 5711 Tiffany & Co stamped Nautilus”, limited to 170 pieces, this trailblazer sold at auction for $6,503,000 – a staggering 123x its retail price of $52,635(3).

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